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Before March 1957 Ghana was originally called the Gold Coast because of the amount of Gold in its possession.

Natural Hair

Natural hair grows approximately 1/2 inch per month.  If your hair does not seem to be growing, you are not maintaining.


Motherhood is the only profession where every day is on the job training.
A Little About Me

A Little About Me

Hi, I’m the face behind Natural Ghana Girl.  I’m originally from the UK but now live in Ghana with my husband and 4 children.  I love to blog about motherhood, natural hair and anything to do with Ghana.
Elephant In Ghana

Mole National Park

Mole National Park in Ghana is definitely on my bucket list of places to experience.  Travelling by car it will ...
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Natural Ghana Girl Headwrap

Who Doesn’t Love A Headwrap?

The ultimate crowning glory for my natural hair has got to be a headwrap!  You can't get more hair candy-ish ...
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Natural Ghana girl balancing motherhood

Balancing Motherhood & Work

Motherhood is never easy and I never thought it would be, not even for a moment.  What I hadn't considered ...
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Contary to what the media might show you about Africa, we are not starving!

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Amazing wildlife Ghana
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Amazing Wildlife

Explore the wildlife in Ghana.  Experience new places and do something new.


Scenic Beachs

Beaches that are guaranteed to cause you to relax.  Feel the sand and water move between your toes as you experience life.


Delicious Food

Great food which is accessable at each street corner.  You’ll never be caught out hungry with such tantalizing foods on offer.

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