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About Me

Hello and thanks for dropping in! My name is Dela, otherwise known as Natural Ghana Girl (NGG).  I am a wife, mother of 4 children, homeschool teacher, natural hair enthusiast and of course youtuber/ blogger.

I wouldn’t say that I’m your average “African/ British Parent” as I’m very much against the grain when it comes to a lot of traditional ideas.  You’ll probably start to see that the more you read my posts.

was born in the UK and have since made the move to Ghana with my family.  Both my parents are Ghana born but eventually moved to live in the UK many years ago.  

I consider myself to be a British born Ghanaian.  I know many may beg to differ that I am in fact a “true Ghanaian” but my Ghana passport says otherwise! 


I kicked off my “social media” journey on youtube back in 2015.  I never actually intended on starting a Youtube channel or blog but one day out of …I don’t know what…I decided to switch on the camera and record my first ever Youtube video (It was awful, I’m cringing as I think about it).  Well that was 2 years ago now (as of 2017) and I haven’t looked back since.

I guess my youtube channel has just taken a natural progression into a blog seeing as I always have so much to talk about!

 I love to share all about my motherhood journey, my natural hair and my life in Ghana,

If you would like to see more of me you can find me on youtube where I make 1 video a week and the rest of my more detailed videos go onto Patreon.  If you would like to support me or just pump me for more information about Ghana.  Please do visit me on patreon by clicking the link below.


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Natural Ghana Girl
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