Why We Are Fed Up And Moving To Ghana

If you have picked up any type of newspaper or even read any type of social media content you will know that there is an incredible amount of people moving to Ghana and Africa as a whole. This group of people are called the diaspora. The meaning of the word “diaspora”...

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Who Doesn’t Love A Headwrap?

The ultimate crowning glory for my natural hair has got to be a headwrap!  You can't get more hair candy-ish than a headwrap.  Pick your ankara fabric then wrap it up, literally. I'll be honest I wear a headwrap most days if i'm going out because for me its like...

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Balancing Motherhood & Work

Motherhood is never easy and I never thought it would be, not even for a moment.  What I hadn't considered was how I would find time for balancing motherhood as well as all the other things that I enjoyed doing. When I had my first child, Joash it really was a shock...

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Becoming Financially Savvy

There are a few things that life has taught me in my short existence on the earth.  This is one of those things.  At no point in my life have I ever felt that the money I was earning was enough.  Can anyone else relate? Why is that?  I was earning good money as a...

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Beauty in Colour

The most beautiful thing to me about living in Ghana has got to be the vibrancy in colour of EVERYTHING. Even our soil is a beautiful colour. My greatest passion when I first moved to Ghana has to be the African cloth. Although from my understanding Ghana doesn't...

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Moving To Ghana


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