Ghana Independence

Ghana first gained its Independence in March 1957. This symbolised the end of British colonisation and the beginning of freedom.

The fight for Independence was led by Kwame Nkruhmah and the Big Six whose heads you usually see on the paper bill money.

Ghanas flag was also formed at this time. Each colour has a specific meaning behind it.

Red is for the blood that was shed in the struggle for independence

Gold is the mineral wealth that it holds

Green is the land

The Black Star Symbolizes African unity and emancipation.

a little about me

a little about me

Hi!  I’m the face behind Natural Ghana Girl.  I’m originally from the UK but now I live in Ghana with my husband and 4 children.  I love to blog about motherhood, natural hair and anything to do with Ghana.

Holiday Dates 2018


Monday 1st January                          New Years Day

Tuesday 6th March                            Independence Day

Friday 30th March                              Good Friday

Monday 2nd April                               Easter Monday

Tuesday 1st May                                 May Day

Friday 25th May                                  African Unity Day

Sunday 1st July                                    Republic Day

Friday 21st September                      Founders Day

Friday 7th December                         Farmers Day

Tuesday 25th December                   Christmas Day

Wednesday 26th December              Boxing Day

Ghana Independence
Moving To Ghana


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