Basic Homeschool Supplies

Basic Homeschool Supplies It can be quite difficult knowing where to start when it comes to homeschooling. To begin with your best bet is to start as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Before you can even begin to homeschool there are a few things that you need...

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STOP Asking Me “When Are You Getting Pregnant?”

Growing up you always take for granted that one day you will become a parent, one day you will become someones mother or father. What if that doesn't happen?  Or if it doesn't happen in the way that you planned?  Life doesn't teach you to be prepared for such events,...

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Balancing Motherhood & Work

Motherhood is never easy and I never thought it would be, not even for a moment.  What I hadn't considered was how I would find time for balancing motherhood as well as all the other things that I enjoyed doing. When I had my first child, Joash it really was a shock...

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My Pregnancy in Ghana

Being pregnant is a breeze, you get to put your feet up all day long while people fuss around you. You get that magical glow on your skin, your hair and your aura in general. Your clothes look amazing and life couldn't be better. Well that's the dream anyway! Being...

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It’s Ok If You Get It Wrong As A Parent

Becoming a parent has got to be up there on the list of "difficult things to do in life". Parenting is extremely difficult. You think you have it all figured out then BHAM! Something knocks you off course. I remember before I became a parent I really thought that I...

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Homeschooling in Ghana

    I’ve had an increasing number of people ask me “how do you go about homeschooling?” “Which resources do you use?” “How do you know they are at the right level etc”.  So I thought it would be a good idea to put it all down here. First of all let me just start by...

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