Who Doesn’t Love A Headwrap?

The ultimate crowning glory for my natural hair has got to be a headwrap!  You can't get more hair candy-ish than a headwrap.  Pick your ankara fabric then wrap it up, literally. I'll be honest I wear a headwrap most days if i'm going out because for me its like...

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Confessions of a Lazy Detangler

As I am speaking today my hair is almost at waist length.  I didn't start out that way and this is the longest that my hair has ever been. I have been natural now for approaching 6 years. I wash and deep condition my hair every two weeks. I detangle my...

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Can Afro Hair Grow?

This is definitely a topic which is very close to my heart.  I remember as a little girl when my hair was natural, it was quite a good length.  Every Sunday was a ritual for washing my hair and then having it braided ready for school on a Monday morning by my mother....

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