Natural Remedies For Your Teething Baby

Jun 8, 2018 | Baby |

Having a teething baby can be a tough time during motherhood.  Your once happy, smiling bundle of joy baby suddenly seems easily irritable and highly moody.

The teething stage can be hard but it’s also beautiful because your child will soon have a full set of teeth with which to begin exploring with food.

A teething baby doesn’t have to be a hair pulling experience as there are some really great natural remedies out there to help your baby get through this stage without having to reach for the bottle of paracetamol every minute.

To begin with what are the symptoms of a teething baby?

  • More irritable than usual
  • Lots of drooling
  • Wanting to bite down on anything and everything
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Swollen gums
  • Visible tooth appearing in the gum-line

If your child has one or more of these symptoms it is likely that they could be teething.  There is no exact age for when a baby can begin teething so keep an eye on your little one for any symptoms.

My children tend to get their teeth quite early on, my first-born got his first tooth at 4 months.  I did suspect at the time that he was teething but people told me I was probably imagining it as he was “too young”.  My gut told me otherwise and it was right.

These are some really great natural tips if you suspect your baby is teething.  What is even more great is that because these are all natural ways, if you do get it wrong you will have done no harm to your baby at all.

1. Teething Ring

Teething rings are great because they finally give your little one something to bite down on. I particularly like the Nuby Ice Gel Ring Teether as you can put these in the fridge and they keep your little ones gums cool. I used this exact same one for my children and it always worked a treat.  It gives baby something to play with whilst cooling down those gums.

2.  Ashton and Parsons Teething Baby Powder

I have always used Ashton and Parsons teething baby powder for my children.  The powder is made from tincture of Matricaria, which is extracted from German Chamomile flower heads.  There is definitely something about this powder that helps calm an unsettled baby.

3.  Amber Teething Necklace

I have to be honest here and say that I have never personally tried an amber teething necklace before.  I guess it’s because I’m a little bit worried about it being a necklace for safety reasons but I perhaps that’s just me.  I know lots of people who have successfully used the amber necklace without any problems.

Amber necklaces are supposed to work really well for a teething baby because of the anti-inflammatory properties it holds.  If you so want to give it a go you can easily pick one up from amazon here : Baltic Amber Teething Necklace



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4.  Frozen Breast Milk

Frozen breast milk is great because not only does it cool the gums and create calm for your baby but it's also a delicious treat as well!  They are very quick and simple to make and all you really need is a mold of some type similar to this one.

5.  Frozen Fruit

This is another thing that I used to use for my children as babies.  Frozen fruit is not only delicious but it really does distract baby from the pain.  If your baby is still quite young you can use the Nuby Fresh Nibbler Mesh.  If you haven't already tried this you really must because they work wonders.

The awesome thing about the nibbler mesh is that your baby can try the food without ever choking on the small particles.  I've used it in the past to freeze cucumber, mango, watermelon and a whole lot of other things.

6.  Spend Time

At this point and time baby needs you so much so lots of cuddles, singing a patience is required.  When I have a teething baby I set myself up to make sure that I don't have anything pressurised to do. This ensures that I can spend the time with my baby giving them the much-needed attention that they deserve.

Babies grow up so fast.  If your baby is teething right now just know that this phase will not last forever. It passes by pretty quickly so don't despise this time, make the most out of it and enjoy your now time.

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