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How To Survive The Fourth Trimester

How To Survive The Fourth Trimester

The Fourth Trimester is a phrase that I came across quite recently.  As soon as I discovered what it meant I fell in love with its meaning straight away.  The reason why?  Because it finally gave understanding to what the next 3 months of my life were going to be...

Natural Remedies For Your Teething Baby

Natural Remedies For Your Teething Baby

      Having a teething baby can be a tough time during motherhood.  Your once happy, smiling bundle of joy baby suddenly seems easily irritable and highly moody. The teething stage can be hard but it's also beautiful because your child will soon have a full set of...

A Little About Me

A Little About Me

Hi, I’m Dela the face behind Natural Ghana Girl. I’m originally from the UK but now live in Ghana with my husband and 4 children.  I’m on a journey to discover more about being a mummy to little people whilst retaining a life that makes me Dela. Lets learn together.


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Amazing wildlife Ghana
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Amazing Wildlife

Explore the wildlife in Ghana.  Experience new places and do something new.


Scenic Beachs

Beaches that are guaranteed to cause you to relax.  Feel the sand and water move between your toes as you experience life.


Delicious Food

Great food which is accessable at each street corner.  You’ll never be caught out hungry with such tantalizing foods on offer.