Balancing Motherhood & Work

Feb 2, 2018 | Finding Yourself | 2 comments

Motherhood is never easy and I never thought it would be, not even for a moment.  What I hadn’t considered was how I would find time for balancing motherhood as well as all the other things that I enjoyed doing.

When I had my first child, Joash it really was a shock to my system.  No longer could I wake up whatever time I wanted, eat when I wanted or even take a bath when I wanted.  My life had been completely taken over by this tiny little human being.  What made it even more difficult was that I loved him so much that I happily did anything that he needed.  My heart offically had 2 walking legs.

Before I knew it I was pregnant again with baby number 2, 3 and then 4 (obviously not all at the same time).  I quickly began to realise that “time” was no longer my friend.  I had to now find time to homeschool, time for balancing motherhood and time to work on the things that made me “Dela” and not just Joash, Karis, Jonathan and Jadens mum.  I had to find time to be me and do the things that I love and that make me whole.

Blogging, doing my youtube videos and consulting all give me space to have a creative outlet.

So have I found some magic remedy for balancing motherhood and work that I can share with the world?


It’s very simple and no secret.  I schedule in everything that I need to get done in a day.  That is the only way it all works for me.  I can whole heartedly see the difference between days that I have planned and ones where I have follwed the wind so to speak.


My motherhood / work  day usually goes a little like this:

  • Breakfast (Yes I schedule in breakfast otherwise I will not eat)
  • Catch up on emails
  • Homeschool
  • Lunch (Look over what needs to be done for the day)
  • Homeschool
  • Record a video, respond to emails or work on the blog.
  • Dinner
  • Put the children to bed
  • Work whilst chidren are asleep and make a to-do list for the next day.


Without my to-do list I really would get nothing done.  Most of my blog posts are written late in the evening when everyone is asleep as that is when I can function best of all without disturbance.  Needless to say I am a night owl.

If you have any methods that help you to keep time whilst being a mother I would love to hear them. Drop me a comment below!